Educating N Caring
One Step at a Time!


E and C’s objective is to provide the highest standards of service to our consumers. By offering well qualified direct care providers, systems, processes, assets, and solutions, both internal and external, we will be able to reach our consumers’ goals more effectively. In order to accomplish this goal, we will strive to provide the best possible services to our consumers, aiding them in accomplishing their ISP identified objectives, learning valuable and necessary life skills, and experiencing individual growth. We will provide a company that is built upon quality direct care professionals and administration, with well trained staff serving as the support systems that our consumers rely upon to reach their potential. E and C Services will use all beneficial resources available to enhance and streamline the provision of services, thus making the process more efficient and successful for both consumers and providers.


E and C Services’ mission is to serve as a bridge between our consumers and the world surrounding them. We aim to enable the consumers, one step at a time, to grow and function more fully as beneficial members of society, thus creating a more valuable community for us all.